Hello World

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Link to full-respage1_sample


Incan Skulls

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Panel 1 and 3 update

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I dunno … in panel one should the television distortion lines run the same direction as the HUD (at an angle?) The effect I’m trying to portray is sort of an extreme closeup of a satellite’s camera hurtling toward Earth’s atmosphere. Motion, turbulence, chaos. All of this to distinguish panel 1 from panel 3 which begins with her calm, reflective, balanced, pose. Perhaps more static? Tweaking is a bitch.

What about this?

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How does the text look when inserted below the panels? Bad/good? I added a mini-panel because the transition from the wide pangea shot without our girl straight to a shot of her head in front of a very similar looking panel #2 looks a little odd — as if she appeared out of thin air. The mini panel just breaks up panel #1 and #3 (or #2 depending on which version of page one you’re looking at). Panel 3 is not complete — the barely visible white outline to the left of the character is the Island without any color. Panel 4 is being drawn now.

Panel layout (?) Working on this.

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This is tricky. I’m leaning toward having panel one go full width but that leaves no room for dialog. Panel 2 and 3 obviously need dialog because she’s present. The examples I posted in the image are just there to give you an idea. I’m going to change the screen behind her to reflect the progress of the satellite feed (as it gets closer, HUD numbers, etc). But I’m not sold on the way I have it now. What will panel four be? I’m going to work on this tonight and see if there’s not a better way to put page one together so that it highlights all of the important elements of the next 2 – 3 pages.

HUD display

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The Gate?

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