Get the ball rolling…

I ran into a theory the other day regarding the “ownership” of Earth and the origin/status of the human surface dwellers. Basically the so-called underground bases, discussed in UFO circles, house the planet’s original inhabitants deep within the Earth’s crust. Now, this first group of “aliens” are clustered in small groups of a few thousand per base with hundreds of these bases scattered throughout the world. They apparently get along just fine as these bases utilize geothermal heating, venting, and energy generation in a temperate comfort zone. Another group of “aliens” came along 50,000 years (or so) ago and began experimenting with the planet’s primitive hominids to create a servant race to assist in the extraction of valuable metals. (There’s more to this story but for our purposes I’ll just summarize.) According to this theory there were several versions of these humans that existed with varying genetic sequences or instructions. One of them, the version just prior to the us, thrived around the time of Atlantis but were extinguished due to an error in the genetic code which allowed them to exhibit resistance to the master (alien) race. We are evidently the newer version of this “experiment” and in contrast to our predecessors our instructions allow for restricted conceptual intelligence and a propensity for sheep-like submission to a ‘higher power’–whatever form it may be.

Anyway, more on this but it leaves doors open for underground base access points (perhaps in the Adirondacks), spooky tunnels, supernatural guardians ala bigfoot, chupacabra, etc. I like ideas having to do with human origin stories involving genetic sequencing or dealing with human vehicles as technology with alterable programming/instruction/coding. And of course I love the idea of Atlantis. And Heston. ­čÖé

Just throwing random ideas out there right now. It’ll be nice to cherry pick this board a month or two from now.


~ by macgruber on November 30, 2008.

One Response to “Get the ball rolling…”

  1. It’s funny I encountered Atlantis today in an issue of the Marvel comic “Hercules.” Within, it is noted that Atlantis was names after Atlas himself, who was located in the center of the country, the center of the world or “Axis Mundi” if you will, holding the heavens up until the city was sent to the bottom of the ocean when it’s power hungry people sought the “Omphalos.”

    The comic has been fantastic lately. A mix of humor, action, myth, and zaniness. One of Marvel’s finest.

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