Bigfoot n Baby Jesus

Found this oddity googling +nephilim +sasquatch:

[26]Though the Scriptures exclusively associate the appearance of aerial chariots with YHWH and His host, ancient Indian Sanskrit texts describe highly sophisticated flying machines called Vimanas (aerial cars) piloted by god-like beings who regularly abduct beautiful women.

[27] Bigfoot aka Sasquatch as he is known to the North American Indian, Yeti to the Tibetan and Yowie to the Australian Aboriginal.

[28] He is the flesh encapsulated representation or the primary manifestation of YHWH who was in existence before the foundation of the world. His origin is in YHWH, brought forth from the Father’s very bosom. He is therefore referred to as the “only begotten Son.” From the time he was brought forth, the ability to think and act independently manifest itself in him. Independent action was never explored as the Son remained in perfect alignment with his Father’s complete will (to this very day).


~ by mandrizzle on January 15, 2009.

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