A Thought on Alien Design

So I’m thinking now that the “aliens” have actually had a hand in sculpting ALL life on Earth.   In their quest to create a betterment of themselves they decide to use Earth as their Lab.  The 4th page “crop circles” that they are studying are the catalyst of the linguistics aspect they bequeath to humanity. 

That being said all life bears (drive car) some aspect of the “alien” species.  We should think about some distinguishing (and most interesting)physical characteristics of several species and that will be a template for the “aliens”.  You know, like the vaunted exoskelton of the insect. 

Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to do the non-corporeal thing for these guys, another race though definitely…maybe the glyph makers. 

ALSO…Narration or not for the first 4 pages (400 million BC)?

What says you on all this?


~ by Zebtron A. Rama on January 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Thought on Alien Design”

  1. I wal also thinking we should make all of their tech organic (should have the appearance of something magical to us). It will be the humans that will create the machine.

  2. Brilliant! I like this idea much better not only because it leaves enormous wiggle room for the artist but the ‘all-inclusive’ application of design resonates more with the science or biology behind the creator theory.

    That said, the new alien species will possess an elephant head with tusks and a long trunk and grasshopper legs and wings for a torso. JK 🙂

    Will be examining early “seed” species such as jelly fish to see how we can use their later, more complex adaptations to walk on land as a starting point for design. Perhaps somewhere in their ascent into bipedal lifeforms there exist some elements we can use to create our “creators” in a believable way.

  3. YES!

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