Back to the errr…writing board

In the meantime…the book you lent me is opening pathways.  And for you…I present this.


~ by Zebtron A. Rama on January 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “Back to the errr…writing board”

  1. Holy crap. That strip just blew my mind right outta my head and into my bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup.

    How did you find that? It simply could not have been written any better. A perfect summing up of the accumulative 2012 experience into comic strip form. Damn that made my day! 🙂

  2. Sorry. Me again. I was just thinking about your/our dilemma with the story so I’m going to start throwing random ideas out there to see if any one of them stick.

    Random idea:
    What if we were to arrange the story similar to Secret War-style story arcs being released lately. Specifically, one primary “title” to illustrate the major story arc and its assorted characters, ideas, and concepts. And to lend depth to primary story, why not release several ‘separate’ supporting stories that would not need to adhere to the style or form of the primary story?

    In other words, the dilemma, I think, has to do with defining the antagonist and protagonist. Originally the creator aliens were to use create us with linguistics to give us a leg up as well as a distinguishing feature. But does that mean the creators are bad? Will they eventually turn on us and who are the other glyph aliens? Where is the conflict coming from exactly? So to sort of get around that yet still tell a story why not create a few “titles” with no antagonist or really any purpose at all other than to let the reader experience “multiple perspectives” as you mentioned earlier. An all “creator alien” title could be stripped completely of any traditional dialogue or narration and still add to the primary story. No need to pit them as good or evil or with any agenda whatsoever. The reader can “experience” them through whatever direction the “creator alien” supplement title goes in (ultimately where you decide to take them). Other supplementary titles could take the perspective of … Joanie and Chachi … as they experience other (bizarre) elements of the primary story – whether that be aliens or Squatch or the noosphere?

    Anyway, just an idea. The conflict can be introduced down the road — possibly after the supplementary material is produced. Or before? Or not at all. Since somewhere down the road humans need to move beyond duality perhaps there is a way to “ascend” beyond the pro/antagonist, good/evil, conflict-driven story readers are accustomed to. And again… not sure how to do that exactly but felt I should spew forth lots of words today and here they are. Thanks again for the Obama comic!

  3. I am the Sasquatch.

  4. and as for yer thoughts…we are on the same page. I’m dead set on getting a hold on the what right now. As in, “what” is all this kookiness we’ve created and “where” do we intend to take it. I wanna be able to explain it in under a minute. BAM.

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