New Direction?

So the great dilemma before me now is(are) the protagonist(s).  I am simply not confident in my ability (yet) to fill this role with a non-human character.  So in keeping with yer previous comments, I suggest beginning the story at a different point  (with some human-like folks around) and then moving around to other times, races, etc. later.

So howzabout Atlantis/Lemuria/Mu/what-have-you?  The jellyfish aliens could still play a role, and I believe the squatch should play an important role here.  (I’m thinking of the squatch as an ancient spiritual race by this time – almost like a wise hermit on the hill thing)

These ancient people could employ the tech of the jellyfish aliens no?  A completely bio-degradable city leaves little trace eh?


~ by Zebtron A. Rama on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “New Direction?”

  1. Could still do the jellyfish E.T. bit as an intro/teaser?

    Plus the main gist of the 1st story arc…the destruction of the civilization nad it’s transition to the next age.

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