Good Morning Mozz

“The stories we tell ourselves are real because they’re important to us. The type of stories we tell might determine our survival. ”

– Grant Morrison


~ by Zebtron A. Rama on February 11, 2009.

One Response to “Good Morning Mozz”

  1. All I can think when encountering something from Morrison is that his understanding comes from the “prismatic” level. And because he’s bald, and enlightened, that Ken Wilbur’s spirit is present in the message as well. Also, the function of the dreamer is to make real, bring forth, or give life to the dream in This world — assuming that to deny the dream its life is to accept ones impotence in the process of creation which ultimately negates our survival. The last bit relates to Paprika. Somehow it’s all connected in my overly cross-references mind. ­čÖé

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