The Gate (sample)

Just a rought sketch here of an idea I had for ‘The Gate’ and its potential construction. Added some notes in the upper left which are cryptic but at the time it seemed to make sense due to me being intoxicated. More to come. Oh yeah my scanner is ridiculously small so looks like I’m going to need to scan them in chunks at a time and piece them together in PS.

The Gate

The Gate


~ by mandrizzle on February 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Gate (sample)”

  1. Excellent. The (opening)shape; is it based on anything? It’s placement in the context of the naturally occurring Earth structure is perfect. I gotta say it’s hypnotizing me. Great looking texture in the rock formations. I dig the notes. Should definitely harness Earth based energies to power the thing. P.S. reflection??? What does it MEAN!!!

    • Thanks Ming! The Gate’s shape is related, for no reason at all, to this motel in Dubai:

      (Note: wordpress apparently does not allow images within comments so here’s the link: Burj al-Arab)

      The reflection comment was meant to remind me to use PhotoShop to create a reflection on the water’s surface instead of trying to draw it freehand. Dunno why but it seems like conjuring all of these super sciences or “magick” should require Earth elements like tons of water and magnetically unusual rocky surfaces ­čÖé

      What do you think of the shape though because it can and possibly should be changed at will. Perhaps we can discuss these parameters during our next comic book production meeting/convention.

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