Timewave Zero

So…wow.  I think we can use this as a basis for the Time Travel tech.   We must discuss this video though.  Time is fractal? wow.

Ascension = Vaporization = The Singularity = Mckenna knows something.


~ by Zebtron A. Rama on March 2, 2009.

One Response to “Timewave Zero”

  1. I grabbed the torrent for this and watched it last night with focused attention due to its short length. Amazing. In fact I was embarrassed to not have run into this before considering my long standing mental hard-on for TM (his work, that is). “This software could be used to navigate a time machine that has yet to be built.” Paraphrasing there so disregard the direct quotes. The torrent included the fractal software and this afternoon it will be installed on Kate’s old laptop. We’ll see what your birthday corresponds to. 🙂

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