Miss Laptop. Here’s another “Test”

Here’s my usual disclaimer:

I used the blog’s reduced version of the gate image because I was on Kate’s computer and couldn’t access the original. So that means I also used her lovely but awfully slow laptop to try out the colors here. Note: SLOW tech, no cool brushes on her computer either, no hi-res image to work from, and no cool filters. ­čśŽ

BUT, I think it’s doable once the Toshiba returns from repairs and I can play around with CS3 and the “grassy” brushes. So in other words this is a lazy late night goof-off. I’m just “goofin off” here so once the “REAL” panel arrives it’ll blow your checkered socks off. Amen.



~ by mandrizzle on March 11, 2009.

One Response to “Miss Laptop. Here’s another “Test””

  1. The rock wall is my fave. I’m impressed by the textures you made using colors(light and dark) teamed with the drawing.

    shows promise and POTENTIAL!

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