Source Material

More reference material here. Oddly enough this guy seems to be indirectly doing some of the ancient research for us. Search for tages: permian or permian ecology.

He seems to be focused on the age we’re studying (250M BC). I’m skimming a little here so perhaps he has a broader interest but either way I think it will at least help me figure out how to draw Permian era vegetation.


The Dragon’s Tales (thanks Will) 🙂

Art reference for me (found on his site)


Strange but the images from the above site bare a striking resemblence to what I’m trying to make the “jellyfish” aliens look like — at least in their facial profile. Weird.

PS: Prototaxites didn’t exist (according to fossil records) during ‘The Gate’ timeframe. But I really want to draw them. Any chance we’re going to visit 400M BC at some point? 😉


~ by mandrizzle on March 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Source Material”

  1. You want 400Mil.BC you got it buddy, but we gotta go to 10,500 BC first.

    (found those Hancock Vids you gave me long ago…great stuff!)

  2. Actually, very late here, it’s The Dragon’s Tales, not A. 😉

    My interests are in the Permian Mass Extinction and the general era and ecology that proceeded it. Well, all mass extinctions are very interesting to me, but this one is especially.

  3. If you guys need something specific, lemme know. Perhaps I can help

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