Panel 1 and 3 update


I dunno … in panel one should the television distortion lines run the same direction as the HUD (at an angle?) The effect I’m trying to portray is sort of an extreme closeup of a satellite’s camera hurtling toward Earth’s atmosphere. Motion, turbulence, chaos. All of this to distinguish panel 1 from panel 3 which begins with her calm, reflective, balanced, pose. Perhaps more static? Tweaking is a bitch.


~ by mandrizzle on May 22, 2009.

One Response to “Panel 1 and 3 update”

  1. very interesting. my instant response would be that an advance system like SEMAT would never appear chaotic or “Hurtling” (unless under extreme circumstances). It’s purpose would designate a highly controlled nature (particularly in relation to viewing). I also see the station, and all scenes inside it (except perhaps the light burst later in the story) as very serene, almost to a disturbing level, like 2001.

    However…I see yer point with the distinguishing stuff. Creating some tension here is an interesting move. I’m just afraid it may be to hard to pull off and end up appearing too jarring. We should discuss.

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